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Benjamin’s Insights from Evony: Empowering Teams for Success

, the Vice Development Director of and offers valuable insights into team management. He emphasizes that the team should not confine itself to a job protection mindset. Instead, Top Games Inc. has fostered a culture where every team member feels a sense of ownership and acts in the best interests of the company's culture and values.

Evony Civilization Celebration Event

In this environment, every team member carries the responsibility of doing what is right and upholding the team's goals and values. This approach ensures that the team is not only focused on preserving the status quo but actively working towards growth and development.

Furthermore, Top Games Inc. encourages transparency and open communication. By providing the team with ample information and supporting their decisions, the company empowers the team to take a proactive role in identifying and resolving challenges. This approach aligns with the belief that the team is best equipped to discover and address problems, ensuring continuous improvement and success.

This philosophy resonates with the principles that make Evony, a unique MMO war strategy game, stand out. Evony features 7 major civilizations from around the world, each accurately depicted with its own unique monarch, General, building, and troop designs based on real historical events. The game allows players to fully immerse themselves in each civilization's unique features. Evony is critically renowned for its immersive and diverse storytelling, unforgettable historical characters, and 7 feature civilizations gameplay. It also breaks multilingual boundaries with an automatic translation system that connects players around the world.

In Evony, players can choose their civilization and compete against other players from different regions and languages. The game's famous general system allows players to recruit historical figures such as Washington, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great. These generals are differentiated by their attributes, skills, and personalities, and can be used in battles, as city defenders, and for managing domestic affairs.

The fusion of Benjamin Gifford's team management insights with the principles of Evony highlights the importance of a growth-oriented mindset in both the gaming world and the corporate world. It underlines the value of empowerment, responsibility, and proactive problem-solving in achieving success.