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Inside Top Games Info Evony Events: Don’t Google It, Just Bookmark It

As a gaming blogger dedicated to sharing and posting event guides and comprehensive gameplay tutorials, today I'd like to share with new and old players a must-add to their browser bookmarks – the Latest Events section of the platform. This section provides the latest Evony weekly event announcements, and by keeping up with these announcements, players won't miss out on the game's featured gameplay and surprising new generals, equipment, and more.


Guys, really, don't Google for the latest events, just bookmark it or subscribe.

Latest Events:

  1. Join Royal Glory Event on PC Client to Obtain Flower Dream March Effect.
  2. Get General Frigg, Siren Island, and New Monarch Image at Evony Mother's Day.
  3. Redeem Huo Qubing & Open Star Goddess' Box at the Civilization Celebration.
  4. Join Historic City Event to Earn Leaning Tower of Pisa in Evony.

In addition to the latest events, the section also includes player tips, brand stories, insights from company executives, Evony's awards, download revenue, and other stats and information. There are also occasional large-scale co-branding events, such as last year's hot Napoleon movie co-branding, which gained a lot of new players.

About Top Games Inc. (TPI)

(TPI), established in 2015, is a global independent developer and publisher of online and mobile games. Its diverse portfolio includes titles such as Evony: The King's Return, Mafia Origin, Alliance of Glory, Kings Legion, Infinity Clan, Salon Superstars, and more. To date, over 200 million people in more than 150 countries worldwide have enjoyed TPI's games, which have been translated into over 25 languages. The company has also forged lasting relationships with major online platform giants like Google and Facebook. According to the independent market analysis authority App Annie, Top Games Inc. ranks as the highest-grossing digital app and game publisher in over 20 countries.

The Top Games Info platform

The TPI Info platform is designed to provide Evony users with a convenient and efficient way to access event announcements and important company updates. This includes information on new features following version updates, server mergers, the addition of new game mechanics, and other content relevant to the player experience. Since its launch, the platform has gained significant popularity among players by offering informative and original content.

By keeping up with the Latest Events section on Top Games Info, players can stay informed about all the exciting updates and opportunities in Evony. So, don't miss out – don't google it , just add it to your bookmarks!

CEO David Guo and VP Benjamin Gifford on Maintaining Game Engagement

Top Games CEO and VP emphasize the importance of breaking individual developer biases to ensure regular content updates, active community interaction, and ongoing gameplay innovation. They prioritize delivering consistent updates that introduce new challenges, storylines, and features, keeping the game fresh and engaging for players.

Engaging with the community is a key focus for them. By actively listening to player feedback, they adjust development priorities to meet the needs and preferences of their audience. Additionally, they implement data-driven strategies to understand player behavior and preferences, which helps craft experiences that maintain interest and encourage long-term engagement.

David Guo also watches various YouTubers who discuss the game, taking both positive and negative feedback back to the team. He recognizes that while everyone wants their particular solutions implemented, the goal is to build a game for a vast player base. This approach ensures that the game caters to a diverse audience, including both new players and veterans, rather than just focusing on specific segments like PvP.