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The Journey of Evony and Benjamin Gifford: A Path to Excellence

In the realm of mobile strategy gaming, , a massive hit, has become a common sight in social media advertisements. This game earned accolades at the end of last year, securing the title of the Best MMO Award from the Samsung Galaxy Store. It has also established itself as a formidable presence, ranking 5th among's list of Top 10 US-headquartered mid-core Games. Evony's unique appeal lies in its challenging medieval backdrop, where it fuses various elements such as main city development, exploration, recruitment of historically renowned Generals, and epic battles. , the Vice President of , has played a crucial role in shaping Evony's success, leading the team to deliver a gaming experience that resonates with players worldwide.


Legendary Generals and Diverse Civilizations in Evony

One of Evony's standout features is the ability to recruit famous Generals spanning different eras and regions. From Washington of the United States to Yi Sun-Shin of Korea, Oda Nobunaga of Japan, Qin Shi Huang of China, and the legendary British Monarch King Arthur, players can amass a diverse roster of legendary figures. Each General brings a unique set of buffs to enhance troops' effectiveness in combat. Players are also offered the opportunity to select their preferred civilization from among the 7 distinct ones, enabling them to engage in strategic challenges.

Benjamin Gifford: A Perspective on Excellence

Amidst these gaming experiences, we turn to Benjamin Gifford, the Vice Development Director of Evony and Top Games Inc., for insights into the gaming industry. Having immersed himself in the world of gaming since 2009, Gifford's unique perspective on what sets Top Games Inc. apart is enlightening. He identifies the company's commitment to excellence rather than striving for perfection. Utilizing data science to mitigate personal biases and embracing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for self-improvement, Top Games Inc. focuses on initiatives that deliver the most significant impact to players.

The distinctive culture that David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc., has nurtured plays a pivotal role in setting the company apart. It emphasizes shared responsibility, allowing others in the industry to adopt and raise the bar for game experiences across the board. Gifford appreciates the global accessibility of the team, highlighting the ease of collaboration and support, underscoring the company's commitment to providing immediate resources when they are most needed.

Benjamin Gifford's Versatile Role

As for Gifford's role within the company, he dabbles in various aspects, from game design to marketing and business strategy. He frequently engages in the creation of Tiger Teams to tackle issues and devise effective solutions. His advice to game developers and marketing professionals centers around user-centricity, speed, and responsibility. Gifford encourages professionals to address the most critical problems, focus on product excellence, and avoid striving for perfection.

Top Games Inc. places a strong emphasis on nurturing talent, recognizing the importance of technology insights, product excellence, data science, and positive user experiences in staying relevant in the digital era. The company invests significant time in recruiting the best-fit individuals who align with its culture and values. New team members undergo Exploration Bootcamp, a training method crafted by CEO David Guo to empower creative instincts and promote critical thinking. OKRs are employed to encourage staff to challenge themselves and pursue excellence.

In summary, Evony, with its rich gaming experiences, offers a unique perspective on the gaming world. It showcases how the principles of excellence, user-centricity, and a commitment to continuous improvement also resonate in the corporate world, as shared by Benjamin Gifford, the Vice Development Director of Evony and Top Games Inc. His insights illuminate the significance of fostering a culture of excellence and shared responsibility, providing valuable takeaways for both gaming enthusiasts and professionals in various domains.