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Innovative Talent at Top Games Inc.: David Guo & Benjamin Gifford

The success of a game in today's competitive market significantly hinges on the exceptional talent leadership behind the scenes, as exemplified by leaders like , the CEO of Top Games Inc. (TPI), and VP . Their abilities exemplify the essential skills needed to lead a team to victory in the gaming industry, successfully launching the time-tested and popular MMO war , ‘: The King's Return.'

Since its launch in 2016, Evony TKR has captivated over 200 million players, establishing itself as a popular free-to-play strategy game. It skillfully blends various elements such as main city development, exploration, the recruitment of historically renowned Generals, and epic battles, creating a seamless gaming experience.

David Guo, a visionary and ambitious entrepreneur

David Guo, also known as , a visionary leader, foresaw the rise of mobile gaming and adeptly transitioned his team from social media-based flash games to . His user-centric approach and grounded mindset have been instrumental in consistently improving the in all aspects of game development and team management.

“We aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience,” he says.

Under David Guo's leadership, has thrived by prioritizing visionary thinking, which involves anticipating market trends and understanding the evolving needs of gamers to innovate effectively. He inspires his team to share in this vision, ensuring alignment towards a common goal. Below are the game projects developed by TPI.


Vice President of Top Games Inc. – Benjamin Gifford

Benjamin Gifford, the Vice President of Top Games Inc., holds a pivotal role in guiding one of the leading companies in the gaming industry. His philosophy is that while perfection in products or services may be elusive, striving for excellence is essential. This approach has led Top Games Inc. to achieve significant innovations, or ‘moonshots,' that expand the realm of the possible in gaming.

Ben: Empowering Teams from CEO to Engineers

Central to Gifford's ethos is the empowerment of teams. Top Games Inc. operates with a lean, open, and flat organizational structure, ensuring minimal layers of management between engineers and the CEO. This design facilitates direct communication and collaborative efforts across teams. In this environment, managers and team leaders typically oversee more than seven direct reports, fostering a culture of open dialogue and cooperative problem-solving.

Under Gifford's guidance, Top Games Inc. emphasizes the free flow of information within the company, barring legal or privacy constraints. This transparency is key to empowering teams, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and encouraging a learning mindset that embraces early failures as stepping stones to success.

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At Top Games Inc., every team member is instilled with a sense of ownership and responsibility.

This sense of belonging is integral to ensuring that each individual acts in alignment with the company's best interests and upholds its culture. The leadership's commitment to providing as much information as possible, supporting team decisions, and fostering empowerment, positions the team to proactively identify and resolve challenges.

Gifford's perspective is that the team at Top Games Inc. is the company's most valuable asset. He believes that the dedication and expertise of the team are the driving forces behind the company's innovations and successes in the competitive gaming industry.

Adaptability is also key in the fast-paced and evolving gaming industry

Leaders like David Guo and Benjamin Gifford must swiftly adapt to new technologies, market shifts, and consumer preferences to keep their games relevant and engaging. Effective communication is paramount in this environment, fostering a collaborative space where creativity and innovation thrive.

Understanding team dynamics is crucial in talent leadership. Leaders must be skilled in assembling diverse teams, recognizing individual strengths, and fostering an inclusive culture. This diversity is vital for generating groundbreaking ideas and solutions. Strategic decision-making is equally critical, balancing creativity with commercial viability, including financial aspects like budgeting, resource allocation, and monetization strategies.

David Guo's passion for technology, software, information, and social interaction deeply influences his leadership style. He values clarity and brevity, striving to simplify complexity into user-friendly designs that bring value. His commitment to excellence is evident in his constant reflection and review to improve his methods.

Customer-centricity remains a central focus. Successful leaders always prioritize the end-user, aiming to create engaging, user-friendly, and valuable gaming experiences. This approach helps build a loyal customer base and ensures long-term success.