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A Guide to Developing Powerful Dragons in Evony

In Evony, a Dragon can be selected to follow a General to enhance the troops' buff, and the higher the Dragon's level is, the more attributes and power will be brought to the . As the level of the Scared Dragon (on the Dragon Cliff) increases, the corresponding Dragon Decoration will be unlocked, which will make your castle look more magnificent.
There are three methods to increase the power of the Dragon. You can enhance your through feeding Dragons, refining Dragons, and awakening their talents. This article will explain how to enhance Dragons in these three ways.

Feed Dragons

Feeding dragons can increase the EXP of Dragons and upgrade their level. After their level has been increased, the benefits brought to Generals will be improved, and the buffs brought to troops will also be improved.
There are many items that could be the food of Dragons, such as Excellent Dragon Coin, Gold, Equipment Material, , Source of Life, Resources, , Badge, Gem, Revival Stone, Medal, and so on. And it is cost-effective to consume Excellent Dragon Coin to feed Dragons during the Super Feeding event.
You can feed Dragons 30 times and refresh recipes 10 times per day.
In practice, it can be found that different Dragons need different experience points to upgrade, and the Dragons in the eat less than the in the Dragon Cliff.

Refine Dragons

You can use either Gem and Refining Stone, or Badge and Refining Stone to refine your Dragons. Use Dragon Crystal to lock refining attributes.
The attribute will turn to purple when it reaches 50% to 69% of the upper limit, turn to orange when it reaches 70% to 84%, and turn to gold when it reaches 85% or more. You can check/uncheck the color and attribute options to show/hide notification.
Refining Stone can be obtained from the Black Market, Store – Items – Special, event bosses, Activity rewards, All-Star Shop, , and so on. Badge can be obtained from the Battle of Constantinople, Battle of Chalons, packages, and so on. And Dragon Crystal can be obtained from Battle of Gaugamela, Black Market, and so on.
Refining can make Dragons get more attributes. For example, the Attack, HP, Defense of the Ground Troops, Mounted Troops, Ranged Troops, and Siege Machine.

Awaken Dragons' Talent

The Dragons and Sacred Dragons can awaken Talents when they reach a certain level, and their power will be increased greatly after awakening Talents.
The first 2 Talents of each Dragon or Sacred Dragon only apply to the troops led by the General who equipped that dragon. The third Talent of each Dragon or Sacred Dragon is an Active Talent. Select and use the corresponding Talent in the “Active Skill” interface to gain the buff. The buff takes effect in any case, lasts for a certain period, and has the cooldown. In order to understand them in detail, we will analyze the three Talents separately.
Talent Awakening means upgrading your Dragon's Talent, and the max level of Talent is Lv40.
  • Upgrading the Talent of a Dragon in Pasture needs to consume Gem, Dragon Crystal, and Dragon Source Fragment.
  • Upgrading the Talent of a Sacred Dragon on Dragon Cliff needs to consume Gem, Badge, and Dragon Source Fragment.

No.1 Talent 1 & 2

  • Talent 1 unlock condition:Dragons reach Lv3
  • Talent 2 unlock condition:Dragons reach Lv6
When Generals bring Dragons, Talent 1 and 2 of different Dragons will supply different buffs. The max level attributes of Dragons' Talent 1 and 2 are shown in the following table.
Name of Dragons Talent 1 & 2 When General brings dragon
(Max Level Attributes)
Dragon Dragon Howl Ranged Troop Attack +20%
Ranged Troop HP +20%
Lava Ranged Troop Attack +10%
The death-turning-wounded rate of troops when they are attacking +10%
Wings of Aurora Ranged Troop Atack +20%
Mounted Troop HP +20%
Star Shower In City Ranged Troop Attack +25%
In City Mounte4d Troop Attack +25%
Seething Blood Siege Machine Attack +20%
Siege Machine HP +20%
Dragon Guard Marching Mounted Troop Attack +20%
March Speed +30%
Sacred Dragon Norway Ridge Frost Power Ground Troop Attack +25%
Ground Troop HP +25%
Fatal Frozen Marching Ground Troop HP +30%
Enemy Ground Troop HP -20%
The Dragon of Thebes Flame Power Siege Machine Attack +25%
Siege Machine Defense +25%
Magic Shield In City Siege Machine Attack +40%
In City Ground Troop HP +30%
Nidhogg Thunder Power Mounted Troop Attack +25%
Mounted Troop HP +25%
Relentless Thunder Ranged Troop Attack +20%
Mounted Troop Attack +20%
Dragon Fury Ranged Troop Attack +25%
Ranged Troop Defense +25%
Toxic King Ranged Troop Attack +20%
Enemy Siege Machine Attack -25%
Dragon Amaterasu Dance Ground Troop HP +25%
Ground Troop Defense +25%
Dragon Blade March Ground Troop Attack +40%
Capacity +15%
Dragon Claw of Corruption Siege Machine Attack +25%
Siege Machine HP +25%
Dragon Shield Siege Machine Attack +20%
Mounted Troop HP +30%

No.2 Talent 3 (Active Skills)

Talent 3 (Active Skill)'s max level effects, time limit (durations), and unlock conditions are as table below.
Name of Dragons Talent 3 (Active Skills of Dragons) Skill Effects
(Max Level Attributes)
Time Limit Unlock Conditions
Dragon Celtic Demon Occult Fire Research Speed 15%
Construction Speed 15%
8 Pasture Level 35
Dragon Level 10
Jawzahr Sun Devourer Healing Speed +20%
Hospital Capacity +15%
Pasture Level 35
Dragon Level 10
Fafnir Dragon Wings Training Speed +15%
Healing Speed +15%
Pasture Level 35
Dragon Level 10
Sacred Dragon Norway Ridge Domain of Ice All Troops Attack +30%
Reduces All Troop Defense -20%
4 Dragon Cliff level 1
Norway Ridge level 10
The Dragon of Thebes Guardian Wings In City Troop HP +40%
Hospital Capacity +10%
Dragon Cliff level 2
The Dragon of Thebes level 10
Nidhogg Source of Power Attacking Siege Machine & Ranged Troop Attack +40%
March Size Capacity +20%
Dragon Cliff level 3
Nidhogg level 10
Ladon Dragon's Blood Enemy Ground Troop & Mounted Troop HP -35%
Enemy Ground Troop & Mounted Troop Attack -35%
Dragon Cliff level 4
Ladon level 10
Amaterasu Dragon Domain of Rivers Attacking Mounted Troop & Ground Troop Attack +30%
Enemy Ranged Troop & Siege Machine Attack -30%
Dragon Cliff level 5
Amaterasu Dragon level 10
Colchian Dragon Immortal All Troops HP +30%
Troop Death to Survival Proportion when attacking players +5%
Dragon Cliff level 5
Colchian Dragon level 10

You can use Dragon Source Fragment to awaken Talents. And the Dragon Source Fragment can be obtained from Server War ranking rewards, Battle of Constantinople, All-Star Shop, and so on.
Active Skill has a time limit and cooldown time. The time limit in the table above means how long this Active Skill can affect after you use it. And the cooldown time of each Active Skill is 24 hours.
Note: The release of an Active Skill does not affect the upgrading of the corresponding Talent.


In order to get the most out of your Dragons, you need to not only feed them to level up, but also improve their attributes in certain troop classes through refining. Besides, awakening and using talents also can not be ignored. If you are a whale player, please gain and develop Nidhogg, Ladon, Amaterasu Dragon, and Colchian Dragon as much as you can. But if you are a minnow or dolphin player, you can focus on the Celtic Demon, Fafnir, Norway Ridge, and The Dragon of Thebes. Let's go to get Dragons and develop them. If you want to know how to gain Dragons and the introduction of each Dragon – A Comprehensive Guide to Dragons.