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A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Acquire Badge in Evony

Evony Badge has many uses in the game and is one of the indispensable items when you develop to a certain degree. Perhaps because of this, there are many ways to obtain the Badge in Evony. To help players in need as much as possible, we will first explain the purpose of the Badge. Secondly, this article will also guide you as comprehensively as possible on how to obtain the Badge in Evony.

The purpose of the Badge in Evony

  1. Unlock and Upgrade the
  2. Upgrade the General
    1. It needs Badge*800 to upgrade one piece of equipment to Ares equipment.
    2. And you have to consume Badge*100 when you upgrade a piece of to Parthian or Imperial.
    3. Please click “Evony Equipment Upgrade” to learn more details.
  3. Feed and Refine Dragons; Awake the Talent of any Sacred Dragon. (Related Reading: A Guide To Developing Powerful Dragons In Evony)
  4. You can also spend the Badge buying rare items in the .

Items in Battlefield Shop:

  • Badge
  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Lv5 & Lv6 materials (for craft equipment)
  • General EXP
  • Monarch EXP
  • King's Scroll Chest
  • Resources (Food/Lumber/Stone/Ore)
  • ……

How to get the Badge in Evony

BOG – Battle of Gaugamela

You will earn a different number of badges based on your scores after you participate in the Battle of Gaugamela (BOG). The details are shown in the table below.
Personal Scores Badge Quantity
Victory Loss
≥1,800 300 240
1,200 – 1,799 240 200
800 – 1,199 210 170
500 – 799 180 140
250 – 499 150 120
<250 120 95



Participate in the Battle of Constantinople (BOC) and get more badges. Please check the details in the following table.
Personal Scores Badge Quantity
Victory Loss
≥1,800 540 430
1,200 – 1,799 460 380
800 – 1,199 380 310
500 – 799 300 240
250 – 499 240 190
<250 190 150

Personal Scores Badge Quantity
Top 1 Top 2 Top 3 Top 4
≥1,800 750 720 660 600
1,200 – 1,799 680 650 580 520
800 – 1,199 610 560 500 440
500 – 799 540 480 420 360
250 – 499 470 420 370 300
<250 400 350 300 230

All-Star is the battlefield in Evony where you can get the most badges.
You can earn the Badge from the Round Rewards. The Total Ranking Rewards don't have the Badge.

Personal Scores Badge Quantity
Top 1 Top 2 Top 3 Top 4
≥1,800 1,100 1,000 900 750
1,200 – 1,799 940 850 770 650
800 – 1,199 800 720 650 550
500 – 799 660 590 530 450
250 – 499 530 470 420 360
<250 420 380 340 290

Defeat Monsters

Then, killing the following monsters can also allow you to get the Badge for free. However, the probability of dropping a Badge when killing a monster is not 100%.

Boss Monster:

  • B16 Jormungandr
  • B17 Typhon
  • B18 Ammit
  • B19 Stymphalian Bird
Get Evony Badge by Defeating Monsters
Get Evony Badge by Defeating Monsters

Event Monster:

  • Lv3 Senior Cerberus & Lv4 Legendary Cerberus
  • Lv3 Excellent Bayar Knight & Lv4 Legendary Bayar Knight
  • Lv4 Legendary Hydra & Lv5 Epic Hydra
  • Lv5 & Lv6 Ymir
  • Lv5 & Lv6 – Warlord / Witch / Lava Turtle / Golem
  • Lv5 Epic Nain & Lv6 Mythical Nian
  • Lv5 Pan (Ranged Troop), Pan (Ground Troop), Pan (Mounted Troop)
  • Lv5 & Lv6 Sphinx

Kill all 3 Royal Thieves to earn the Royal Chest. Open the chest, and you may get the Badge.


The most cost-effective package for obtaining badges is the last-tier package of each festival event. Moreover, other big packages may also contain the Badge, and you can purchase them as appropriate when you encounter them.
The final tier of all festival event packages: There is an Lv5 Optional Chest in the biggest festival event package, and the chest contains Badge*150. You can select it and open the chest to get it.

Star Goddess' Box

During the Star Goddess' Box Event, you may get the Badge from the Star Box.
Select the Star Box and use the Star Key to open it. There are 1,000 Badges *12 in the Prize Pool.
The Star Key can be obtained from the Senior Star Sale and Super Star Sale packages.
If you don't want to spend too much, this is still a luck-testing way to get the Badge. Unless you can directly select “Get All”.

Sulis Wishing Pool

During the event, you can select a certain number of items in 3 Treasures as your Sulis Wishing Pool rewards.
Among the items, there are Badge*800 in the Supreme Treasure.

Consuming Return Event

When it is the turn to consume Gems, you can receive corresponding rewards, including Badge, by consuming a certain number of Gems.

Upgrading Rewards

You will receive badges and other rewards when your Keep reaches Lv26, Lv27, Lv28, Lv29, and Lv30.

(in Art Hall)

You can unlock the Genius Leader in General Hall I when your Art Hall reaches Lv31.
And then, you just need to collect General Alexander Nevsky, Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, and Khalid to claim Badge*150.

Super Feeding

During the Super Feeding event, each 12 scores can redeem 5 badges. (Redeem Chance: 300)
You can obtain scores by feeding dragons and spiritual beasts.
  • Feeding any Dragon to increase 10000 EXP will earn 1 Feeding Score.
  • Feeding any to increase 2500 EXP will earn 1 Feeding Score.
  • Using an Awakening Stone will earn 50 Feeding Scores.
  • Using a Blood Crystal will earn 10 Feeding Scores.

  1. Level Rewards
There are Badge*110 in the Lv27 Privilege Rewards on the Level Rewards page of the Alliance Duel.
To level up, you need to purchase Luxury Privileges and complete certain quests to earn corresponding Prosperity Points.
  1. Alliance Duel Shop
In addition, you can also consume 250 Duel Coins to redeem Badge*5 each time. The redeem chance is 4.

Common Rewards:
Lv35 Badge*1
Privilege Rewards:
Lv47 Badge*20

Advanced Journey

Common Rewards:
Lv35 Badge*1
Lv45 Badge*1
Privilege Rewards:
Lv47 Badge*20

Join an Alliance and complete quests with your Alliance members to earn rewards.
Common Rewards:
Lv7 Badge*6
Lv17 Badge*6