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Benjamin Gifford’s Data-Driven Journey: Crafting Success with Evony

, Vice Development Director of & , has emphasized the significance of data in game development and how has not only propelled the success of the Evony series but also enhanced team management efficiency, infusing the organization with vitality.

Benjamin Gifford's Data-Driven Journey


In a competitive world of game development, Top Games distinguishes itself by prioritizing excellence over the pursuit of perfection and the ambition to cater to every possible player preference. The key to our success lies in the strategic application of data science to shatter personal biases and the implementation of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to continuously push our boundaries and strive for improvement. We focus on aspects that have the most substantial impact on our players, delivering exceptional game experiences that transcend mere acquisition and retention.

Data Science as the Catalyst for Success

Data is the backbone of our decision-making process. It provides insights into player behaviors, preferences, and their in-game journey. Understanding these patterns is paramount in game development. Ben recognizes that a comprehensive analysis of data enables us to tailor our games to the evolving needs and expectations of our players. It enables us to identify what aspects of the game resonate most with our audience, leading to targeted improvements and optimizations.

The Evony Series: A Testament to Data-Driven Development

The Evony series, a flagship of game portfolio, exemplifies the power of data-driven development. Through a meticulous examination of player data, the team has been able to make informed decisions that significantly enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether it's the refinement of gameplay mechanics, the introduction of new content, or the optimization of in-game monetization, data serves as an unwavering guide throughout the development process. This approach not only aids in striking the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment but also guarantees that players remain thoroughly engaged and satisfied.

Furthermore, the power of data extends beyond the game itself. It allows for the identification of emerging trends and opportunities within the gaming market. By remaining attuned to player preferences and closely monitoring market shifts, the team remains proactive and anticipates the industry's future demands. The commitment to data-driven development ensures that the Evony series remains agile and adaptable, essential traits in an ever-evolving and competitive gaming landscape.

Efficient Team Management

In addition to enhancing their games, data plays a pivotal role in team management. The analysis of development data enables them to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that their teams are working on the most impactful aspects of a project. This results in not only faster development cycles but also a more focused and motivated team.

Benjamin Gifford highlights the importance of collaboration and support within the team, regardless of geographical boundaries. With data as their common language, team members across the globe can work in sync. Data-driven decision-making ensures that everyone is on the same page, aligned with the game's objectives, and striving for excellence.

Infusing Vitality into the Organization

The success of data-driven game development transcends individual projects, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Benjamin Gifford acknowledges that the culture established at Top Games sets the organization apart, offering a unique approach to the industry. Other developers can draw inspiration from their methodology, potentially raising the overall quality of game experiences, from user acquisition to player retention.

In conclusion, the insights shared by Benjamin Gifford underscore the pivotal role of data in game development and how it has driven the success of the Evony series. Prioritizing excellence, utilizing data science, and promoting efficient team management, Top Games Inc. has not only delivered exceptional game experiences but has also instilled the organization with a dynamic spirit of continuous improvement. Evony's story stands as a testament to the transformative power of data-driven development within the gaming industry.