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Evony Server Merge Enhances Player Experience

Evony announces that they will merge some servers to improve the game environment. As a member of a selected server, I feel excited and a little bit nervous about that. The will make some changes to our game experience because it will break the old balance of our original server. These changes seem to make waves in our stable game life, but these kinds of waves may reignite everyone's enthusiasm. In order to welcome the second life in the game, we need to figure out the specific server merge rules.

About Alliance:

Our will not change, but alliance buildings will be removed. And all of the players on the selected servers will be teleported to a new random location on the new server.
The Alliance City that was built before the server merger does not need to consume resources and time when rebuilding. But if your Alliance City has not been built or is being built before the server merger, it will still consume reasonable resources and time.
The resource data that has been donated and stored in the original Alliance Warehouse remains unchanged.
After the merger, we can enter the game as soon as possible to regain a favorable position for the alliance territory.

About Subordinate City:

The occupied sub cities remain unchanged. In other words, we will not lose the sub cities we already own.
Of the two servers, all sub cities on the one with the higher in will be kept, while unoccupied sub-cities on the other server will not be migrated to the new server.

About Resource, Monster, and Bookmarks on the World Map:

Resources Spots and monsters will be reset on the new map.
Our relics will be removed.
Our bookmarks will be deleted.
Troops dispatched abroad will automatically return to our own city.

About Ranking and Server War Related Things:

All ranking lists will be reset based on the situation of all players on both servers.
The new server number after the merged server will be displayed in the SvS and Battlefield rankings.
According to the announcement, the two servers are divided into primary and secondary servers based on their SvS rank, with the higher ranked server being the primary server.
The Empire name, King/Queen, and Titles will remain the same for the primary server, but will all be cleared for the secondary server.
All Temple Effects will be cleared, and the Temple data will be based on the primary server.
The ranking records of Undead Event and Monarch Competition Event will also be cleared.

About Personal Data:

Our personal data will be kept, such as building level, VIP level, Gems, Gold, resources, sub cities, Generals, troops, items, and so on.
The unlocked glory remains unchanged. However, players who have won the King/Queen/Conqueror but have not unlocked the Monarch's Glory before server merger will need to become King/Queen/Conqueror twice again in the new server to unlock it.
The Monarch Competition Event will open a new round. At the same time, Evony will redistribute the last round rewards.
Chat data on the original World Channel will be cleared.
If a player's name or an alliance's name is duplicated on two servers, a 1 and a 2 are automatically added to the name.
If there are two players or alliances with the same name on the merged server, their names are automatically followed by a 1 and a 2 to distinguish them from each other.
data for both servers will be displayed combined.

Anyway, thanks to the server merger, our allies contribute online activities again and regain my confidence and passion for Evony.