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How to Effectively Use and Acquire Generals in Evony

In Evony, the system stands as a unique feature, playing a crucial role in both combat and city development. This article offers an in-depth look into this system, aimed to serve as a quick guide for newcomers.

Distinguish Epic Generals from Historical Generals
Distinguish Epic Generals from Historical Generals

The General Classification

Evony features two main categories of Generals—ordinary and historic. Ordinary Generals range from Common to Epic, each tier improving upon the base stats of the previous. Players can easily identify these generals by their distinct colors: white, green, blue, purple, and golden.

On the other hand, Historic Generals stand out as figures from real-world history, categorized as either purple or golden. Recently, Evony introduced red generals—an upgraded version of golden generals.

Skill Attributes and Customization

Each general comes with four attributes: attack, defense, political, and leadership. Notably, Historic Generals boast initial stats rooted in historical accuracy. For example, Queen Victoria excels in politics, while Napoleon shines in leadership. Players can also enhance these attributes through a feature called “Cultivate,” allowing for a more balanced and powerful general.

General Cultivate
General Cultivate

Multifaceted Utility of Generals

Generals serve multiple roles in Evony, such as leading attacks, defending cities, and managing resources. Each Historic General also comes equipped with a unique Special Skill, indicating their primary function within your army. By securing one of these legendary figures, you're taking a giant leap toward invincibility.

How to Acquire Your Dream General

Special Event Packages

During festivals, Evony releases exclusive containing golden or even the latest Historic Generals. These packages offer the quickest route to acquiring a top-tier general.

Tavern Recruitment

The provides another avenue for recruiting Historic Generals. Your chances of getting one depend on both luck and the level of the Tavern. Therefore, leveling up your Tavern should be a priority.

First-Time Purchases

New players get a Historic General for a minimal cost on their first purchase. Currently, the game offers Theodora, a formidable attacking general, as the first-purchase reward.

Time-Limited Events

Evony frequently rolls out events like “King's Path” and “Gather Troops,” where players can earn Historic Generals by completing certain tasks, without spending any money.

Relic Chambers

Collecting Slate Fragments allows you to open a Relic Chamber, where you'll find fragments of Historic Generals. Assembling 30 fragments will unlock a new general.

Great General Chests

These chests can yield either fragments or whole Historic Generals. Keys of Conscription earned daily or through the Gold Monthly Card, are required to unlock these chests.

Dawn of Civilization

Reaching Precious Treasure Level 50 lets you choose a Historic General from a special chest.

Final Thoughts

The options for acquiring generals in Evony are as diverse as the generals themselves. No matter your playstyle—PVE or PVP—a well-chosen general is crucial for success.