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Get Ready for Evony’s Double Ninth: New Generals, Packages & More!

Hey fellow enthusiasts! 👋 Mark your calendars for October 13th, 'cause the is almost here, and it's loaded with juicy rewards! Let's dive right into what's coming up!

Double Ninth Festival Package 🎁

Package Sale with 72,000% Value!

During the event, take advantage of the daily 5-tier package offers featuring an array of valuable items including Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twigs, Forge Master Certificates, Blood Crystals, Subordinate City Clue Chests, and the Premium Gear Chest (Lyre).

But that's not all! When you reach the 5th package tier, you stand a chance to secure the brand-new Epic Historic General . This top-tier package also includes bonus items like Pharaoh's Treasure Map, Meteoric Stones, and the Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (Lyre). Don't miss out on this unparalleled value!

King's Party 🎉

During the event, you can earn experience points for the Party Cake by purchasing basic Gems. Leveling up your Party Cake will unlock amazing rewards! Here's what you can expect:

  • Reach Party Cake Level 4: Receive a Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest).
  • Hit Level 5: Get 100 Meteoric Stones.
  • Attain Level 8: Score an Officer Equipment Scroll Chest (Military) and 200 Meteoric Stones.
  • Max out at Level 10: Unlock the Epic Historic General , Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy), 300 Meteoric Stones, and choose between Town – and .

Additionally, collect Hephaestus Hammers at Party Cake Levels 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9. These hammers are essential for upgrading your .

Eternal Event 🏰

Get ready for the new Decoration Collection, dubbed “Eternal”! During the event, you can snag the latest castle decors—either Eternal Town – Commemorate or Eternal Town – Nostalgia—once your Party Cake hits Level 10. Plus, you'll also unlock the march effect through the Decoration Collection Package. Don't forget, that collecting these new decorations activates the entire Eternal Collection!

Sulis' Wishing Pool 🌟

Sulis' Wishing Pool Event
Sulis' Wishing Pool Event
  • During the event, you can select several desired items to place in the Wishing Pool. Use the Bath Wishing Coin to make a wish and receive item rewards.
  • Once you purchase a specified amount of basic Gems, you can claim Bath Wishing Coins from the event interface.
  • Each wish will guarantee a unique item reward. Once an item is obtained, it will be removed from the Wishing Pool.
  • Once all the rewards from the Wishing Pool have been obtained, you'll receive an additional Sulis Treasure.
Please note that any remaining Bath Wishing Coins will automatically disappear at the end of the event, so be sure to use them in time.

Alchemy Shop Event:

  • Navigate to the Event Center and select the to participate and earn exclusive rewards, such as limited Castle Decorations, Monarch Avatars, and Avatar Frames!
  • The 11-day event lets you complete daily quests to earn Molten Ore, which you can sell for Alchemical Coins. These coins can be items in the Alchemy Shop.
  • Don't overlook our Alchemy Super Sale package, offering a large sum of Alchemical Coins and more.
  • Each player's shop features varying daily purchase prices for Molten Ore. You can sell your Molten Ore in your own shop or others'. Any unsold Molten Ore gets reclaimed at the daily purchase price.
  • Earn Alchemical Coins when other players sell Molten Ore in your shop. Note that all Alchemical Coins expire post-event.

Delphic Oracle Event:

  • Acquire Glory of Astraeus by engaging with Resource Spots, defeating Monsters, or buying special packages.
  • Use the Glory of Astraeus for wishes and earn a Delphic Historic General Chest, guaranteed within 240 wishes. Inside, choose a General from Jiang Ziya, Mikhail Kutuzov, or Hammurabi.
  • Star Badges can also be earned from wishing. These are redeemable in the Oracle Shop of the Artemis' Blessing event.

Trial of Knights Event:

  • Purchase the Knight's Arms Sale package to receive the Knight's Arms General Chest, containing a random General from a curated list.
  • Consume Blood of Ares to gain Scores that can redeem rare items or Epic Historic Generals. The top 50 scorers get additional ranking rewards.

Esmeralda's Dance Event:

  • The Romantic Package offers Romantic Gift Boxes and Champion's Token Chests. Opening these chests yields Champion's Tokens, redeemable for unique items like the Roma Bouquet Pot.
  • Monsters can also drop up to 10 Champion's Tokens daily.

Historic General Summoning Event:

  • Secure an Epic Historic General (Glory) from the 5th Event Package tier. Use it for a higher chance to summon Lu Xun, who is guaranteed within 6 summons.

Other Events:

  • Additional events include Treasure Hunt, Historic City Searching, Auction House, and more, each with its own rewards, like Gems, Speedups, and exclusive items.

Be sure to participate to make the most out of these fantastic events!