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7 Unique Civilizations That Make Evony a Game-Changer

has breathed new life into the genre, particularly in the 4X category, which stands for Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate. One of the game's standout features is its seven diverse civilizations. This not only fills the game with rich historical information but also adds a layer of intrigue. As a player, you get to pick the that fascinates you or that you've always wanted to learn more about. This lets you experience the unique society and culture of that time.


Europe: A Land of Chivalry

  • What's Unique: Craft more with a 10% boost in stone production.
  • For Battle: Your mounted troops attack with 5% extra force.
  • : Move 5% faster when marching to monsters.

China: The Legacy of Tang

  • What's Unique: Carry 5% more with increased troop load.
  • For Battle: Ground troops gain a 5% attack advantage.
  • Bonus: Research 3% faster with advanced papermaking.

Japan: Where Every Blade Counts

  • What's Unique: Boost your food production by 10%.
  • For Battle: Fortify ground troops with 5% added defense.
  • Bonus: Craft 8% faster with superior Katana forging.

Korea: Mountains and Rivers Guard Us

  • What's Unique: Increase lumber production by 10%.
  • For Battle: Ranged troops attack with 5% extra force.
  • Bonus: Heal 5% faster with traditional medicine.

America: Land of the Free

  • What's Unique: Collect 5% more gold.
  • For Battle: Siege machines attack with an added 5% force.
  • Bonus: Train troops 3% faster with modern techniques.

Russia: Hardened by the Cold

  • What's Unique: Boost your ore production by 10%.
  • For Battle: Your mounted troops defend with 5% extra resilience.
  • Bonus: Build traps 10% faster to secure your empire.

Arabia: Riches of the Desert

  • What's Unique: Gather gems 5% faster.
  • For Battle: Boost mounted troop HP by 5%.
  • Bonus: Gain a 5% bonus from offerings.

How to Choose and Change Civilizations in Evony:

  • Pick your civilization when you start the game.
  • Change it later via the “Culture Feature” in the “Keep” menu.
  • A free change option is available when your “Keep” reaches level 6.

Evony is a melting pot of diverse civilizations, offering a rich and dynamic gameplay experience. We can't wait for you to start your adventure!