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Evony’s Battle of Chalons: A Tactical Deep Dive

In the year 451, Roman General Flavius Aetius clashed swords with the Hungarian warlord Attila in the Catalaunian Plains of what is now France. Known alternatively as the , this conflict marked a turning point for Rome and etched Aetius' name into the annals of military lore. Now, in , players face a reimagined Battle of Chalons, an event that tests and strategies. In the build-up to the decisive fifth and final round, let's delve into the game mechanics, explore strategic avenues, and reveal that await the champions.

Big Buildings in Battle of Chalons
Big Buildings in Battle of Chalons

The Scoring System Demystified

Scoring Categories How to Score Notes
Building Occupation Varies based on building type Reinforcements earn 20% of the building occupier's score
Monster Rallies Earn 20% of the initiator's score Doesn't count toward Alliance Scores
Killing Troops Earn based on the number and level of enemy troops killed Higher-level troops offer higher scores

Buildings: Strategic Points and Benefits

  • Portal: 8 portals provide teleport chances and scores.
  • Hospital: Accelerate your alliance's healing speed by 60% and earn scores.
  • Blessing Tower: Boosts your attack and defense by 20%, adding to your score.
  • March Tower: Increase your allies' marching speed by 50%.
  • Rally Hall: Enhances your alliance's rally capacity by 15%.

Battlefield Resources

  • Medical Tents: These spontaneously appear on the map. Visit for instant healing.
    • Lv.1: Heal 1.5M power in your hospital.
    • Lv.2: Heal 5% of troops in your hospital.
    • Lv.3: Heal 10% of troops in your hospital.
  • : Four supply carriages offer 13 possible battlefield buffs.
    • Players can select one of three random buffs after occupying the corresponding Battlefield Hospital.

The Monster Ranking

Monster Types Score Earned
Ultimate Boss 35 scores
Big Boss 8 scores
Small Boss 1 to 5 scores

Battlefield Rewards

From to Alliance Glory Castles, rewards are abundant. Individual monarchs gain distinct rewards depending on their round participation. Meanwhile, Alliances are categorized into the Major, Elite, and Junior Leagues, with rewards distributed based on their final rankings.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

For Weak Alliances:

  1. Focus on killing scattered enemy troops.
  2. Use tactics to occupy buildings and prevent troop loss.
  3. Disperse and individually target bosses.

For Strong Alliances:

  1. Directly attack medium to strong castles.
  2. Hold key buildings and reinforce them with stronger troops.
  3. Members are usually strong enough to solo bosses.


Whether you're a history buff or a strategy aficionado, Evony's Battle of Chalons offers a rich gaming experience. With the fifth and final round approaching, arm yourself with these strategies to claim victory and etch your name into the digital scrolls of Evony's history.