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Evony Midsummer: Angel’s Blessing, Dragon Battle, & Hecate’s Moon

During Evony , the game releases a new general, a lot of new events, and special decorations. There are so many things that it's hard to tell what's going on. Therefore, I put together this guide to help players who want to participate in Evony Midsummer sort out the gameplay.

Midsummer Event Generals

  1. Ground-troop General

Initial Special Skill: Increases ground troops' attack and defense by 45% and increases ground troops and mounted troops' HP by 30% when he is leading the army to attack.
The Midsummer event is the fastest and easiest time to get Tolita because Evony will increase the probability of getting this general during this time. You can get General Totila through the final tier of event packages and the Historic General Summoning Event.
  1. Dury General

Initial Special Skill: Reduces enemy ground troops and mounted troops' defense and HP by 15% and increases your in-city ranged troops and siege machines' attack by 35% when he is the Bunker Officer.
He is the only Bunker Officer in Evony now. So it is worthwhile to collect enough of his general fragments to ascend him.
During Evony's Midsummer, you can get Clovis I from the King's Party Event when your party cake reaches Lv10.
Get General Totila & Clovis I from Evony Midsummer
Get General Totila & Clovis I from Evony Midsummer

Art Treasures Level Expansion

With the update during the Midsummer event, the level cap of Art Treasures has been increased.
After the update, their maximum level can reach 8.
When upgrading, each Art Treasure consumes not only its own Art Treasure Scrolls but also different Artwork Fragments. You can check the specific information in ‘Art Hall‘ -> ‘Art Treasure‘.
The higher the level of the Art Treasure, the greater the buff bonus value.

Midsummer Special Light Effect

In addition, Evony also releases a new castle light effect , Angel's Blessing, during this Midsummer event.
This light effect will display an angel effect every 5 minutes, floating above the castle in the form of a crown during the interval.
By spinning Astrolabe, you will have the opportunity to obtain the permanent version and 15-day version of the light effect. After using the 15-day version three times, the Angel's Blessing light effect will automatically evolve into the permanent version.
You can view and use it through ‘Decorate‘ -> ‘Decoration‘ -> ‘Light Effect‘.
Moreover, rewards in the Astrolabe also contain Glory Golden Twig, Blood of Ares, Material Bag (Silk Road), Runestone Chest, Ruby Necklace, Junior Blazon Chest, Super Resource Chest, 1M Gold, and 24 Hour Speed Up.
Get Angel's Blessing Light Effect at Evony Midsummer Astrolabe
Get Angel's Blessing Light Effect at Evony Midsummer Astrolabe

Dragon Battle in Midsummer Event

During the event, you can earn rewards and points by attacking dragons with the Dragon Battle Cane.
There are three types of dragons: Weakened Dragon, Mighty Dragon, and Ferocious Dragon. You can click the switch button to change the dragon you want to attack. Different types of dragons have different rewards.
  • Weakened Dragon: Defeating it may summon a Mighty Dragon.
  • Mighty Dragon: Offers better rewards for attacks and defeats, but may flee when attacked. The more you attack, the higher your chances of winning massive Dragon Battle Canes from the Dragon Cave Treasure.
  • Ferocious Dragon: Refreshes at a fixed time daily and can only be defeated once; defeating it gives you a chance to win luxurious rewards the next day.
You can get Dragon Battle Cane by killing monsters and purchasing packages.
Finally, Evony will rank players according to their accumulated points and issue corresponding ranking rewards.
After the event ends, the Dragon Battle Cane will automatically turn into Dragon Battle Chests.

Hecate's Moon Event

During the event, Hecate can be summoned by using the Underworld Key. After visiting Hecate, she will transform into various boss monsters (such as Pan, Sphinx, Hydra, etc.). Use the Lunar Sacred Mirror to locate each incarnation. Defeat one before the next one appears.
In addition, after defeating the incarnation, there is a certain probability that Hecate's true form will appear. When visiting her, you can choose the difficulty, type of troops, and buff strength of the Trial Temple. Her true form will appear up to 3 times. The more times you defeat the incarnation, the higher the probability of the true form appearing.
Visit Hecate 3 times During Hecate's Moon Event
Visit Hecate 3 times During Hecate's Moon Event
Each round of challenge lasts up to 5 minutes. If the incarnation disappears in the middle, the round ends.
During the event, you can obtain the Underworld Key and Lunar Sacred Mirror from daily activity rewards and corresponding packages.
  • Activity 80 – Underworld Key *1 & Lunar Sacred Mirror *4
  • Activity 110 – Underworld Key *1 & Lunar Sacred Mirror *4
  • One Triple Goddess Radiance package includes 1 Underworld Key, 8 Lunar Sacred Mirrors, 5k Gems *5, and other rare items.
Furthermore, accumulating enough points will earn you a Radiant Night Torch, which you can exchange for the Historic General (Maria Theresa) in the New Moon Shop. The situation varies for different groups, see the table below for details.

Junior Group
Radiant Night Torch
Medium Group
Radiant Night Torch
Senior Group
Radiant Night Torch

Castle & Decorations

Festival Decoration

Midsummer Decoration (3 Day) – Login 7 days' rewards
Midsummer Decoration (30 Day) – King's Party Event – Party cake Lv2

Alliance Carnival Event Decorations

The Sword of Justice can redeem the following things. During the Alliance Carnival event, you can earn the Sword of Justice by consuming the Rare Gold Helmet, which exists in the Midsummer sale package.

Castle Skin

Sea Fort – Use Sword of Justice *2500 to redeem this castle skin.
Sea Fort is a good siege-machine buff castle
Own to activate:
  • Enemy Siege Machine Defense -5%
Use to activate:
  • Siege Machine Attack, Defense, and HP +12%
  • Enemy Siege Machine Defense -18%
  • Enemy Siege Machine HP -18%

Avatar Frame

Childlike Dreams – Sword of Justice *20

March Effect

Midsummer Night's Journey – Sword of Justice *20
Historic General (Nordic Barbarian King) – Sword of Justice *500
Historic General (Zizka) – Sword of Justice *500
Historic General (Nero) – Sword of Justice *200
Blood Crystal, Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twig, Art Treasure Scroll Chest, Refining Stone, Dragon Crystal, Treasure Box, Source of Life, Soul Crystal, etc.