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David Guo’s Evony Makes Historic Generals and Modern Gaming Collide

, a real-time war SLG, has attracted more than 150 million players since its release in 2016, becoming the popular, free-to-play strategy game. , the CEO of , stated, “For gamers, a game is not just a hobby or entertainment; it's a way of life. In fact, mobile gaming is now pivotal to everything we do at Top Games Inc.”

David is a visionary and ambitious entrepreneur. Even before the mobile gaming trend took off, he foresaw the rise of and led a professional team to transition from primarily social media-based flash games to mobile games. With a user-centric approach and a grounded mindset, he consistently improved the user experience in all aspects of game development and team management.

“We aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience,” David added.

David Guo fully utilized data science and an open-minded approach to managing the team. In the fiercely competitive mobile gaming industry, he successfully emerged as a leader, guiding Evony to become a “blockbuster game.

Famous Historic Generals Make Much Fun!

Recruit Generals in Evony

Evony combines various elements, such as main city development, exploration, recruiting famous , and epic battles!

You can recruit famous generals from different eras across time and space, such as Washington from the United States, Yi Sun-Shin from Korea, Oda Nobunaga from Japan, Qin Shi Huang from China, to Legendary British Monarch King Arthur, the British monarch, and so on, and you can participate in the challenge by choosing the civilization that you are interested in among the 7 different civilizations.

The Generals in Evony bestow unique buffs to your troops in order to enhance their effectiveness in combat.

No “best” Generals, just the right one

Specifically, your choice of best generals for this purpose will vary according to your army type, as the different generals bestow different bonuses on specific troop types. As such, there are no “best” generals; there are just the ones that are right for your current setup.

Each general in Evony has different attributes, so you need to choose the right general according to different purposes. This requires players to pay attention to the general's special skill and specialty. And pair them with the appropriate troop types.

For instance, General Lu Xun can benefit ground troops and mounted troops, while General Mihai can bring buff bonuses on ranged troops and siege machines.

In addition, after a general is upgraded to a certain level, he can also team up with other generals to fight. This has to mention Evony's assistant general system. This gameplay allows different combinations of generals to produce different effects, and may even reverse the situation. Of course, there is no absolute strongest or weakest combination of generals, because each combination has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefit from Resource Production

In addition to benefiting from PVP battles, you can also collect resources and benefit from resource production. constantly sending out your troops to gather from the world map, in order to boost your resource production. In these cases, you won't need combat generals as much and will benefit more from assigning units that can provide passive bonuses for gathering resources.

Evony's Latest Downloads and Revenue

According to the company's latest disclosure, in the first eight months of 2023, the game amassed 24.9 million new downloads and generated $216.8 million in revenue based on the game's challenging strategy and social elements.

David keeps up with tech trends and asks the team to learn constantly. He values open-mindedness and encourages teams to seize opportunities. They also seek collaborations with other brand IPs to bring Fan-favorite characters into the game, making absolute treat for EVONY players.