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The Mind and Method of Evony CEO David Guo

(), the company's co-founder, and CEO at (TGI), has led a team of professionals to develop Evony, a player-favorite war-strategy mid-core game, that allows players to recruit legendary from throughout history, this roster includes illustrious characters such as Washington, Genghis Khan, Qin Shihuang, Alexander the Great, and Nobunaga Oda. The convergence of these famous generals from various times and civilizations provides a unique gaming experience.

Players can choose their civilization and compete against other players from different regions and languages, Evony encourages player-versus-player (PVP) battles with a variety of options, including direct siege battles, resource wars, and city-grabbing wars. Players can also form alliances and engage in alliance wars for even more intense and strategic gameplay. The city-grabbing war is one of the most participated in and grandest events in the game, requiring players to unite with their alliance and engage in repeated battles against enemy alliances to gain control of the city. The game is now available on Google Play and Apple Store, PC. 

David Guo prioritizes player experience

As the central figure in Top Games' leadership, David Guo prioritizes player experience. He insists that his team focus on the details and create engaging in-game events. He also places great emphasis on incorporating player feedback into game design.

Exciting Collaboration Events

Last year, the EVONY team collaborated with film IP Kong, and TPI teamed up with Legendary Pictures Productions to bring the best attributes of Kong: Skull Island into the world of Evony: The King's Return,  fans can see prehistoric beasts and monsters from Skull Island in Evony; what's more, characters from the film will be incorporated into the game as new generals.

Although future collaborations are under wraps for now, we can expect more exciting partnerships with film and television IPs this year. Stay tuned. According to data released at the end of August, Evony's performance is impressive. The game recorded 24.9 million new downloads and generated $216.8 million in revenue, with the United States being the dominant market.

David Guo's journey

David Guo's journey began at Sun Yat-sen University where he majored in Physics. Even during his school days, he had a keen interest in software development. This passion took root in high school when he began participating in competitions, often securing top rankings. In college, he developed firewall software and continued to gain valuable experience in various aspects like software development, project management, and game design. These experiences laid a strong foundation for the later establishment of Top Games.

David Guo's Team: open-minded, data-driven, Cross-disciplinary collaboration

In an industry where technology is rapidly evolving, staying ahead of the curve is essential for any successful gaming company. David Guo, the driving force behind Top Games Inc., understands this all too well. Under his guidance, the team responsible for the popular game Evony prioritizes staying abreast of emerging technologies. David's leadership mantra is clear: constant learning lays the foundation for innovative products.

David Guo also champions open-mindedness as a core team value. In his view, every challenge is unique and demands a tailored solution. Rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach, David fosters an environment where new ideas are not only welcomed but actively sought. He believes that a good leader remains receptive to fresh perspectives, understanding that innovation often arises from diverse opinions.

But it's not just about being open to new ideas; David Guo insists on a data-driven approach to decision-making. In a world increasingly governed by data, he steers his team toward evidence-based solutions, maximizing the likelihood of successful outcomes. David often emphasizes that in today's landscape, making decisions should no longer be a shot in the dark; it should be guided by concrete data.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is another pillar of David's team management philosophy. At Top Games Inc., team members work across various disciplines, understanding how each can be leveraged for the most effective solutions. David Guo is meticulous about details and relies on a problem-solving approach that thrives on collaborative efforts. United by a commitment to professionalism, the team under David's leadership enhances efficiency at every turn.